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Welcome to the West Highland White Terrier Club of Greater Denver

Westies on a porch

Our Club

Founded in 1973, we are the only American Kennel Club (AKC) sanctioned Westie club in Colorado and most of the surrounding states. Our membership is represented by those who promote the conscientious breeding of the purebred Westie, with a goal to better the health of the breed and to conform to the AKC written standard, bringing their natural qualities to perfection.

Our members are a great source of Westie information, including, health issues, training, breeding, nutrition, grooming. They participate with their Westies in such events as AKC Conformation dog shows, Obedience, Agility, Rally and other performance events including, but not limited to, Earth Dog, Barn Hunt, Coursing Ability Trials (CAT), park walking, couch snoozing and Westie loving!

Membership Information

You qualify to become a club member and gain new friendships with westie people if you…
  • Love Westies
  • Have, had or want a Westie
  • Want to promote the breeding of healthy, disease free Westies
  • Want to participate in westie events and activities
  • Need other Westie crazy people to talk Westie

Membership in the West Highland White Terrier Club of Greater Denver is open to all persons eighteen years of age and older who are in good standing with The AKC ( and any other organized Kennel Club. Junior Membership is open to all Juniors 10 years to under 18 years old. (Juniors do not have voting rights).

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Current Officers

Lisanne Smith
Vice President
Mary McArthur
Diane Gustafson
Elaine Thompson
Linda Limon
Cathy Kilstrom
Cindy Higginbotham
Specialty Chair
Elaine Thompson
Membership Chair
Cindy Higginbotham
Direct contact information is available by contacting us. If you are a member, please go to the member's only section to find the contact information.
To contact us, please use this form